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Our Community Restoration

With every new location, we revitalize and restore community spaces to continue the legacy of the buildings we inherit. Preserving the history and the community in every neighborhood we’re in is so important to keep the culture and tradition of the towns and cities we love, which is why every location is designed with little quirks to remind us all of the good ole days.

COhatch Worthington – The Hardware Store
Located in Worthington, Ohio, our founding location is home to our first Townhall 2.0 where we started our GIVE Scholarships back in 2016.

See The Hardware Store

COhatch Worthington – The Library
Our second Worthington location was home to the Old Worthington Library and Education Department.

See The Library

COhatch Delaware – The Newsstand
Extra, Extra! Inside the Old Gazette building in Delaware, Ohio, you’ll find COhatch Delaware.

See COhatch Delaware

COhatch Polaris – The Pub
Our Polaris location in Columbus, Ohio, was once a pub but now houses our traditional COhatch workspaces and a bar for events!

See COhatch Polaris

COhatch Springfield – The Market
In Springfield, Ohio, you’ll find our unique coworking and foodhall concept in honor of the Springfield Market.

See COhatch Springfield

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