Making Every Business a Social Enterprise

We believe that every business – for profit or not – should exist for the benefit of all stakeholders: owners, employees, clients, the broader community & environment, and future generations. At COhatch, we’ve created the COhatch Impact Fund, a donor advised fund (DAF), that seeks to leverage our collective resources and grow small businesses in our community. By creating this fund, we’ve taken the headache and hurdles out of contributing and giving back to small businesses you care about.

Why Create a COHatch Impact Fund?

COhatch exists to strengthen communities and improve the lives of those who engage in our ecosystem. Many of our local startup businesses and nonprofits need nominal funding to launch or grow their idea, ultimately impacting our local communities for good. Since we have hundreds of businesses already using our physical and digital spaces, we are optimally designed to provide direct assistance to propel the growth of small, local businesses.



When you donate, you’ll become an Impact Club member which allows you to vote and determine how the fund’s dollars are invested in local organizations. All dollars put into the fund will stay within the organizations chosen through the Impact Club (no money or shares will be taken out for investees) to ensure all impact stays within local communities.


Small businesses impacted by the Cohatch Impact Fund

COhatch Impact Fund FAQs

The COhatch Impact fund DAF is like any other 501c3 charitable organization you contribute to, existing for the purpose of supporting organizations you care about. Instead of most 501c3 organizations however, which consume contributions in the short term, DAFs seek to grow their holdings by investing in businesses and causes that are self-sustaining.

This is the ultimate Pay-It-Forward charitable structure.

Importantly, just like other 501c3 contributions, your donations to the COhatch Impact Fund are tax-deductible. And beyond cash, you can contribute non-publicly traded business interests or private company stock.

The goal of this fund is to make an impact on our communities. Every donation made will not be taken out and returned as an ROI to the investees.

Instead, the money will live inside of the fund, be invested in small businesses selected by the Impact Club, grow inside of the fund, and if at any time the money is released it will be invested in local nonprofits selected by the Impact Club.

Looking for Other Ways to Give Back?

Become a sponsor of our GIVE or BOOST Scholarship Programs.