Our Employee Impact

At COhatch, we believe that every person should be living to their fullest potential at work and beyond. Our goal is to provide impactful career paths, as well as personal and family growth, too. A saying that we pass around frequently is, “There is no such thing as good companies, only companies with good people who put in the work.” We never want to hold anyone back from living their best life, so on this page you’ll see both employees who work within our organization today and others who have moved on to their calling somewhere else.

Laurie & Women’s City Club

COhatch Delaware’s Community Manager, Laurie Lendon, has volunteered with Delaware’s Women’s City Club for over 15 years.

We own a beautiful Victorian home in Delaware. The elegant first floor is used as a meeting and event rental space, and the 2nd and 3rd floors have 10 bedrooms that we rent to women in transition at an affordable price so that they can get back in their feet. Started in 1954, we are entirely volunteer-based and self-funded.

The room rentals in theory cover utilities and upkeep, and the reality is that it is a house that was built in the 1800’s that needs constant upkeep. Several years ago we were faced with the possibility of having to close, as we couldn’t fathom how we could possibly raise over 85K for a new HVAC system, but with the amazing support of our community we did it.

City Club members are a fantastic group of ladies who give so much to keep the house afloat.

Caleb & Pour House

Our Indianapolis Operations Manager, Caleb, spends his time volunteering at Pour House, an organization that helps the homeless move into furnished homes in Indiana.

“I love to volunteer at Pour House because we tangibly make an impact in people’s lives. From a bed to lay their head on at night to kitchen utensils that they will eat with, Pour House gives people what they need when coming off of the streets of Indy.

Taylor & Counseling

Once a Community Manager in Worthington, Ohio, Taylor is now moving into her true calling of counseling. She spent many years calling both COhatch Worthington locations her home base, but now she is moving into her next phase of life to help others overcome life’s challenges.

Jess & Central Ohio Diversity Consortium

Our Brand & Content Strategist, Jess Ensley, recently joined the Board of Directors for the Central Ohio Diversity Consortium (CODC).

CODC believes diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of the health and growth of every corporation, organization, and community, and seeks to collectively advance DEI through collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Jess is helping CODC by using her marketing skill set to grow their social media presence and brand awareness in central Ohio and beyond.

Madison & LifePoint

Our head of Operations in Columbus, Madison, spends her Sundays volunteering at LifePoint Church’s kids ministry, ages 12-24 months.

“I have been doing this for almost a year now and absolutely love getting to serve the parents and children! We are also in the process of working with My Village Ministries to help families in crisis.”


COhatch CFO, Jim Boland, is based out of Columbus and works at our COhatch Upper Arlington location.

“I’m volunteering as a Strategy and Finance lead for LifeWise – Upper Arlington district. Lifewise is an organization offering off-campus Christian curriculum for elementary kids during school hours.”

Jessica & HASA

Our Head of Impact, Jessica Gesue, volunteers as the President of the Home and School Association (HASA) for her children’s school.

HASA is parent volunteer organization set up to enhance the educational experience for children by connecting the students, parents, school, church and community through funding school and community events, and providing resources to support classroom curriculum.

“Last year, we were able to donate $25,000 back to the St. Andrew School to close the gap for the additional PPE and other expenses due to COVID. Because of this donation, we were able to open the school with a fully in person 5 day a week schedule! This was incredibly rewarding, knowing that our organization helped to impact our school community by giving them the resources for the students to learn together in the classroom and take the burden off of the parents.”